No Down Time

Landscaper Loaner Program: No Down Time for Professionals

You can always count on Emerich Sales & Service for a quick turnaround on commercial equipment for those hardworking professional landscapers. Since every second counts on the job in upstate New York's short mowing season a downed mower means lost revenue and time. That's why Emerich Sales offers the loyal commercial customers an exclusive loaner program.

The following conditions apply to the Emerich Sales Landscaper Loaner Program:

  1. Purchase a new commercial grade landscaper zero-turn mower(s) and you are eligible for our "No Down Time" on the spot repair and/or our exclusive loaner program.

  2. Your eligibility will be good for one year from the date of purchase, and is renewable for the second and third year if aforementioned equipment comes in for during the winter service special, which runs December, January, and February.

  3. The agreement is exclusively at Emerichs Sales & Service, Inc., and is for professional landscapers only. This does not apply to homeowners. municipalities and other non-lawn care focused businesses.

  4. All emergency repairs are included except: Abuse, neglect, maintenance, or damage.
    (A) Option for repair: Repair while customer waits (up to 4 hours).
    (B) Option for repair: Customer receives a loaner unit while repairs are made.

  5. All loaner units are serviced according to the manufacturers required maintenance schedule and in top working condition when they go out. The customer is 100% liable for any damage that occurs while unit is in their possession.

    A limited number of loaners are available and not guaranteed.

  6. Pickup and delivery is not included.

  7. This offer is subject to change without notice.

  8. In the event the loaner fleet is exhausted, then your repair will take priority.